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Article: 304
From: Anke Breeuwsma
Date: 2005-01-11 02:56:29 -0500
Subject: Re: performance of milter-ahead?

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On 7 Jan 2005 at 12:36, Anthony Howe wrote:

> Anke Breeuwsma wrote:
> > I want to have a TTL of 4-8 hours because our e-mailaddresses change 
> > regularly. Does anyone have some experience with performance of 
> > milter-ahead with approx. the same number of users? I'm a little worried 
> >   if milter-ahead can cope with this number of emailaddresses to look 
> > up. What's the best way to use milter-ahead?
> The number of email addresses is not the issue, its the amount of 
> traffic at any given moment.  No one has complained to me about 
> performance issues. milter-sender has milter-ahead built-in and I know 
> that at my place of work, we handle approximately 52K messages a day 
> last time I looked.

OK, that's nice.
> Anyways, the whole point of the cache is to improve performance by 
> avoiding lots and lots of socket connections to other machines. I don't 
> see the point of using a low TTL though. How often are you changing a 
> user's email address? Why would you?
> If you're just talking about the regular creation and deletion of 
> accounts as customers come and go, then I wouldn't bother using a low 
> TTL. Just let them expire normally so your system can benefit from 
> longer TTL for the regular users.

I know, deletion is not my problem. My problem is that customers know their email 
addresses before the system makes those addresses active. So, it's possible that 
they're trying to use their address before it's active and then they become blacklisted
x days. 

Is it possible, like milter-gris, to have a different ttl for temporary fail entries and
accepted entries stored in the cache?

Anke Breeuwsma

> > A last question: does the cache flush when you restart milter-ahead?
> No. The cache is preserved across restarts.
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