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Article: 301
From: Anke Breeuwsma
Date: 2005-01-07 04:31:31 -0500
Subject: performance of milter-ahead?

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I'm using milter-spamc on a gatewayserver. The gatewayserver is 
accepting mail for over 5000 users. Now I would like to use milter-ahead 
to check if an emailaccount exists before accepting an email.

I want to have a TTL of 4-8 hours because our e-mailaddresses change 
regularly. Does anyone have some experience with performance of 
milter-ahead with approx. the same number of users? I'm a little worried 
  if milter-ahead can cope with this number of emailaddresses to look 
up. What's the best way to use milter-ahead?

A last question: does the cache flush when you restart milter-ahead?

Thank in advance.

Anke Breeuwsma

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