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Article: 275
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-12-08 05:30:49 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-ahead: is not a defined route, skipping

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Marcus Schopen wrote:
> milter-ahead creates a "rcpt_host='recieve_mx_host.tld.' is not a defined 
> route, skipping" for all outgoing emails. Outgoing mails are running from 
> internal Mailserver dude [] to mailgateway vernon [ / 
> /etc/mail/access for vernon:
> 127                                             RELAY
> Connect:                  RELAY
> [...]

milter-ahead does not refer to the access database when it comes to 
verifying the recipient. It makes use of the {rcpt_host} macro given to 
it by Sendmail. If there is a mailertable entry of the form:

	snert.com	esmtp:[pop.snert.net]

then for all mail to snert.com, a call-ahead to pop.snert.net is 
performed to verfiy if the recipient address is known. If you omit the 
square brackets or have no mailertable entry for snert.com, then 
milter-ahead gives the above mentioned error message (it does not 
perform MX lookups).

If you are using the -n option, then there is a minor bug related to 
this that was reported last week by Andreas Thienemann and fixed for the 
next release:

In filterRcpt(), change the if statement:

     /* BY-PASS if the MX needs to be looked up. */
     if (*rcpt_host != '[') {


     /* BY-PASS if the MX needs to be looked up. */
     if (forceNextHop == NULL && *rcpt_host != '[') {

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