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Article: 263
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-11-29 05:05:29 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-mole

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Jeff Groves wrote:

> So, as I have grown to understand from the reading that I've done and from your email
> the effort behind SIQ is to create an expert system that is able to reason whether or
not an 
> email is crap or not.  Better than filtering, an expert system is adeptly honed to be
able to 
> mimic the choices for letting valid email through that a seasoned, experienced
> conjures up with an assortment of blackhole lists and milters.
> Am I getting warm in my interpretation?

Thats a reasonable perspective to take.

There already exists several "reputation" services, but they have 
proprietary client/server protocols that would each require a dedicated 
milter to use each of them. The goal of the SIQ protocol, that was 
submitted as an Internet draft and that I hope will be adopted as an 
RFC, is to provide a standard protocol for client/server communication. 
milter-siq was a proof of concept aimed at demonstrating and testing the 
protocol with at least one SIQ supporting service (some others have 
begun to show interest in the SIQ protocol).

One problem though that April Lorenzen alluded to is that, while the SIQ 
protocol is aimed at standardising the queires and response, each 
reputation service will vary in quality and method since they are free 
to implement their service in an unspecified manner. Therefore you'll 
have some services that will give responses based on facts and 
historical behaviour like an expert system would, while some may be more 
subjective with lobbyist-like behaviour (ie. someone paid us to say nice 
things; sort like Versign, Thwate, and other security certificate 

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