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Article: 254
From: April Lorenzen
Date: 2004-11-27 09:32:17 -0500
Subject: automate temporary block for exceeding X unknown users

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Hi Anthony,

I'm requesting or requesting discussion about adding a feature to 
milter-ahead. An option to count number of unknown rcpts from one IP and
auto blacklist it over a threshold. Then remove the blacklist entry after
X minutes (?)

Alternately, it could be a tempfail for X minutes / hrs / days. Or if a
blacklist entry, it could be put in and removed from the access.db?

I realize sendmail may already have the ability to do this if it is the
local delivery agent and thus identifying unknown users itself. But in
this case I'm talking about a gateway sendmail - where milter-ahead (I
think) is what knows and could count number of unknown rcpts from an IP
within a time period.

Thank you,

- April

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