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Article: 253
From: Jeff Groves
Date: 2004-11-27 06:57:27 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-mole

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Anthony Howe wrote:

>Removal...........: milters-request@milter.info?subject=remove
>More information..: http://www.milter.info/#Support
>I'm forwarding this question and my response to the list a) to look for 
>clarification as to what Vitalij's request is really about and b) to 
>address a recent point of discussion at an ASRG meeting, which I believe 
>to be relavent to Vitalij's request. Further comments concerning the SIQ 
>protocol can be made on this list or more appropriately on the ASRG IAR 
>list or here:
>	http://wiki.outboundindex.net/ProtocolDiscussion
>Vitalij wrote:
>>Hello achowe,
>>I suggest to the developers to create the module of milter-mole. This
>>module will post periodically on the central server of address of ip
>>and e-mail sender and destination address in case if a sender or
>>recipient is not improper. In case if ip or e-mail sender or e-mail
>>recipient often repeat oneself at all participants on the amount of
>>voices to block an ip and e-mail sender. And also I ask to consider
>>possibility of creation of support sql (mysql) for the local use in
>>the personal aims.
>>I Hope you me understood! :))
>No. Not really.
>But you might want to look at milter-siq, see http://www.milter.info/,
>because I have a feeling this is similar to what you are asking. Care
>must be taken though concerning EU Privacy Directive with respect to how
>much information is given to third parties: an IP address and complete
>sender/recipient addresses might break this law, since at the very least 
>they reveal contact in one direction between two data subjects (though 
>possibly with a faked sender of course). In milter-siq, the reputation 
>queries are limited to sender's IP address and sender's domain only, due 
>in part to privacy concerns.

 From my reading of both Vitalij's email above and the discussion on the 
wiki that you provided, I think that both are basically barking up the 
same tree.

As an additional question generated by my reading, what were the 
benefits of using SNMPTrap over the current DNSBL arrangement?


Jeff G.

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