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Article: 252
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-11-27 04:38:37 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-mole

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I'm forwarding this question and my response to the list a) to look for 
clarification as to what Vitalij's request is really about and b) to 
address a recent point of discussion at an ASRG meeting, which I believe 
to be relavent to Vitalij's request. Further comments concerning the SIQ 
protocol can be made on this list or more appropriately on the ASRG IAR 
list or here:


Vitalij wrote:

> Hello achowe,
> I suggest to the developers to create the module of milter-mole. This
> module will post periodically on the central server of address of ip
> and e-mail sender and destination address in case if a sender or
> recipient is not improper. In case if ip or e-mail sender or e-mail
> recipient often repeat oneself at all participants on the amount of
> voices to block an ip and e-mail sender. And also I ask to consider
> possibility of creation of support sql (mysql) for the local use in
> the personal aims.
> I Hope you me understood! :))

No. Not really.

But you might want to look at milter-siq, see http://www.milter.info/,
because I have a feeling this is similar to what you are asking. Care
must be taken though concerning EU Privacy Directive with respect to how
much information is given to third parties: an IP address and complete
sender/recipient addresses might break this law, since at the very least 
they reveal contact in one direction between two data subjects (though 
possibly with a faked sender of course). In milter-siq, the reputation 
queries are limited to sender's IP address and sender's domain only, due 
in part to privacy concerns.

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