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Article: 249
From: Brad Kollmyer
Date: 2004-11-22 14:24:55 -0500
Subject: MX Check

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I am seeing a problem with milter-sender checking MX hosts. I am seeing the
following message in my maillog:
reject=450 4.7.1 MX 100 'mail2.netflix.com.' [] for
<discship@netflix.com> not answering
So if try the following a connection is not made:
telnet mail2.netflix.com 25

If I tell telnet to use the source IP of my mail server and connection is
made and everything works as expected:
telnet -s mail mail2.netflix.com 25

So is there a way to tell milter-sender to use a source IP when performing a
MX callback? In sendmail I am using CLIENT_OPTIONS(`Addr=x.x.x.x') to set
the source address. Could milter-sender just use this?


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