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Article: 245
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-11-20 02:11:39 -0500
Subject: [Fwd: Re: Standardizing reputation query mechanisms]

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I'm forwarding this from the ASRG IAR list to this list as it relates to 
milter-siq and the SIQ protocol indirectly. Someone may be interested in 
pursuing the up take of the GOSSiP project, participating in the ASRG 
IAR subgroup, and possibly looking into the use of the SIQ protocol or 
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Subject: Re: Standardizing reputation query mechanisms
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On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 02:15:08PM -0700, Robert Barclay wrote:
> Lately, despite the low level of activity on this list, there has been
> a great deal of activity in the development of a new generation
> reputation services beyond the existing blacklist/whitelist paradigm.
> Several (including one I am working on) either are available in some
> state currently or are in development This is an exciting development
> for the email industry in general, but does present some challenges.

On that note, I'd like to make a brief announcement:  GOSSiP 0.8-beta is
available on sourceforge.net.  Please see
http://sourceforge.net/projects/gossip-project/ if you're interested.

Also, and perhaps as importantly, I'd like to announce that I'm stepping
down from leading the GOSSiP Project, and need to find someone willing
to take my place developing, guiding development, and evangelizing
GOSSiP.  I've accepted a new position, and as part of my employment
contract, I've agreed to cease my involvement in GOSSiP to preclude any
possibility of conflict-of-interest in a potentially competing product.

If you'd like to assume command of GOSSiP, please email me privately,
explaining how you intend to continue the work I've started.  If chosen,
you'll receive administrative access to the sourceforge.net project
(I'll need your sourceforge.net account name).

> The primary one is that most of these services are commercial to some
> extent or another which makes sharing information difficult.

This is why I made GOSSiP open-source, under the GPL.

> Despite this, an overwhelming concern I have heard from ISPs and MTA
> vendors is that each of the developing services is publishing its data
> in a slightly different way, and beyond that several protocols have
> been suggested as standards for querying this data.
> An area where it should be possible for all of us to work together
> without the problems of commercial damage is in development and
> deployment of a standard protocol for publishing and querying
> reputation data. This problem is much more complicated than it may on
> its face appear, because reputation services will have a much wider
> range of sematics than traditional blacklists. They will return
> different levels of granularity of data, from a single binary score,
> to a huge range of scores over individual data points or even
> customized scores for individual queriers. Or tey may provide a list
> of suggested actions to be taken. They may have a need to allow email
> receivers to guide the semantics of the query (e.g. I want elements
> x,y,and z but not the other 23).

I believe there was a proposal floated several months ago on the ASRG
AIR subgroup.  The draft was posted to that mailing list.  Perhaps it
would serve as a good starting point?

I could also briefly describe the GOSSiP query/response protocol, if
there's interest.

A note on my approach:  I decided to take advantage of the facilities
already present in the various MTAs (milters, policy agents, etc.)
rather than expect the MTA to bend to my needs.  I provide a
milter/agent/what-have-you that connects the MTA to a GOSSiP node,
formatting the RFC2821 information into a the GOSSiP protocol, and
translating the GOSSiP node's response back into instructions the MTA
understands (continue, delay, defer, bounce, drop, etc.)

Mark C. Langston                                 The GOSSiP Project
mark@bitshift.org                  http://sufficiently-advanced.net
generic factotum                          Distributed, Peer-to-Peer
  E-mail Reputation System

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