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Article: 243
From: Ryan Moore
Date: 2004-11-18 16:49:26 -0500
Subject: Problem running milter-sender 0.62

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I've been running 0.58 for the past few months, and been meaning to 
figure out why I can't get 0.62 to start: compiles fine, but gives the 
following error when trying to start it 'Trace/breakpoint trap'.

The problem I'm having with 0.58 is that occasionally it will stop 
reading the access.db file for hours at a time. I have hotmail.com 
whitelisted in the access.db (otherwise they blacklist you for doing 
dictionary attacks), and get a line in my mail log that says:

Nov 18 16:34:20 deimos milter-sender[28820]: 01070 iAILYJ5e028819: 
sender <someone@hotmail.com> whitelisted, skipping

I get those every few seconds usually, but when there are huge time gaps 
between those, I'm assuming that milter-sender is no longer reading the 
access.db for some reason, which would coincide with several reports of 
mail from whitelisted systems being rejected as well.


Ryan Moore
Perigee.net Corporation
704-849-8355 (sales)
704-849-8017 (tech)

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