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Article: 238
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-11-08 08:58:35 -0500
Subject: Re: White listing

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Dave Close wrote:
> My milter-sender installation has been running fine for months. Recently,
> I added a remote system which wants to send mail to me. However, it does
> not accept mail for anyone; port 25 is closed. The outgoing mail is just
> a status report once per day and I don't ever want to send mail back.
> Milter-sender is greylisting this site; my log shows "4.7.1 Please try
> again later". As all callbacks will fail, I'm unclear on why the milter
> isn't just giving a 5xx response. However, what I want is to permit this
> sender. I can't seem to make a white list entry work.
> Here's what I've put into the access data base:
>   host.domain            OK
>   user@host.domain       OK
>   From:host.domain       OK
>   From:user@host.domain  OK

The above should have worked. Are there any REJECT entries concerning 
this user or host? Is milter-sender consulting the access database 
(restart it and watch the maillog output).

Another solution is white-list the machine's IP:

	Connect:		OK

Do you forget to rebuild access.db after modifying the access text file? 
Sendmail & milter-sender will pick up the changes and should not need to 
be restarted normally.

> What's the proper way to force a white list for a single sender?

For a machine, the Connect:IP form should solve the problem. Otherwise 
the other forms you listed above should work too. Which version of 
milter-sender are you using?

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