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Article: 235
From: Alexander Dalloz
Date: 2004-11-05 17:39:06 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-sender greylisting

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Am Fr, den 05.11.2004 schrieb Ricardo Kirkner um 14:49:

> Hi. I just have a doubt... Milter-sender's greylisting works like the 
> original greylisting technique, right? (this means, it checks the triple 
> mail_from,rcpt_to,relay_ip for existance in order to determine if it 
> should greylist the entry or not)

milter-sender is no primary greylisting tool. So greylisting is only
used in special cases.

> I ask this, because I am detecting some mails that pass on right through 
> the milter, although they should be greylisted, since they are the first 
> mails that are sent from a specific relay.

No, see above and read the docs.

 --> MxAcceptsAllAction

> ricardo


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