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Article: 233
From: Ricardo Kirkner
Date: 2004-11-05 08:49:37 -0500
Subject: milter-sender greylisting

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Hi. I just have a doubt... Milter-sender's greylisting works like the 
original greylisting technique, right? (this means, it checks the triple 
mail_from,rcpt_to,relay_ip for existance in order to determine if it 
should greylist the entry or not)

I ask this, because I am detecting some mails that pass on right through 
the milter, although they should be greylisted, since they are the first 
mails that are sent from a specific relay.

I tested this myself sending me mail from a machine I never sent mails 
between two specific account (i.e. the triple should not be found 
already in the cache). Nevertheless my mails get through right away, and 
are not being temp rejected.

On the other hand, in my logs I see some mails that are getting 
greylisted, so I know it is working (sometimes :-))

Can anyone give me some insight on how I should look what is going on? 
(I cannot see much in the log files, since I receive so much mail, that 
turning debugging on is quite a nightmare)

with regards


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