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Article: 225
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-10-25 11:42:08 -0400
Subject: Re: about milter-sender

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Ricardo Kirkner wrote:
> Hi: I am having some troubles with milter-sender... I don't know if the 
> problems are caused because I have a somewhat old version of the milter 
> (0.55), or they are caused by something else.

First get the latest version 0.62. Many changes since 0.55.

> For some addresses, the milter says they are okey, allthough when you do 
> a telnet to the call-ahead it returns a 550 for those addresses.. It 
> seems milter-sender is either ignoring the response for the call-ahead 
> or it is not doing it at all.
> When turning on debugging I get a message :
> milter-sender: i9PE8LKC032187: isLocalAddress(807a048, 
> my-bogus-address@somedomain.com, [my-mx.somedomain.com], smtp, 8080388)
> milter-sender: i9PE8LKC032187: address <my-bogus-address@somedomain.com> 
> has a mapping (b)

This info message came an old function, isLocalAddress(), that has since 
been removed, sometime ago.

> What does that mean? I tried to look up this address in the cache.db 

Based on information the milter received from sendmail, it deduced that 
the domain or address was in virtusertable or mailertable, but in the in 
end I had to remove this function, because the deduction was not always 

> file (with the perl script in the contrib directory), but I cannot find 
> it (so I assume it is not present in the greylisting database)
> Any hints will be appreciated... Maybe I should upgrade to the latest 
> version of milter-sender? (I am a bit reluctant, since it is running on 
> a somewhat heavy traffic mailserver, and it is running quite well)

0.62 is very stable, which is to say, I've had no critical errors that 
warranted pushing out another release quick-smart to correct. I would 
recommend update AND reading the CHANGES.TXT file.

I always believe that people should read the CHANGES.TXT file for BOTH 
the milter they use AND libsnert and then decided if the changes are 
significant enough to warrant an update.

In my view though 0.55 is old enough to certainly warrant one.

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