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Article: 224
From: Ricardo Kirkner
Date: 2004-10-25 10:20:06 -0400
Subject: about milter-sender

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Hi: I am having some troubles with milter-sender... I don't know if the 
problems are caused because I have a somewhat old version of the milter 
(0.55), or they are caused by something else.

For some addresses, the milter says they are okey, allthough when you do 
a telnet to the call-ahead it returns a 550 for those addresses.. It 
seems milter-sender is either ignoring the response for the call-ahead 
or it is not doing it at all.

When turning on debugging I get a message :

milter-sender: i9PE8LKC032187: isLocalAddress(807a048, 
my-bogus-address@somedomain.com, [my-mx.somedomain.com], smtp, 8080388)
milter-sender: i9PE8LKC032187: address <my-bogus-address@somedomain.com> 
has a mapping (b)

What does that mean? I tried to look up this address in the cache.db 
file (with the perl script in the contrib directory), but I cannot find 
it (so I assume it is not present in the greylisting database)

Any hints will be appreciated... Maybe I should upgrade to the latest 
version of milter-sender? (I am a bit reluctant, since it is running on 
a somewhat heavy traffic mailserver, and it is running quite well)


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