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Article: 200
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-10-20 18:01:15 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-sender: Whitelist MX?

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Sebastian Wiesinger wrote:
> I want to whitelist some MX servers from CallBack but I think
> milter-sender only checks for Blacklisting (only checks "REJECT" in
> access.db).

milter-sender does respect OK/RELAY entries in access.db

> Is it possible to have a new prefix "milter-sender-mx:" to
> white-/blacklist MX for callback?

Not needed. If you read the documentation:

	lynx index.shtml

you will see that there are many ways to white or black list a 
connection or message in milter-sender (and others).

Many of my milters support:


where xxx is the milter name. Also the milters typically recognise the 
sendmail tags for connect:, from:, and to: and their untag variants.

So there is a variety of choice.

I've had to say in a sendmail.mc file, because of some virus:

connect:192.168.1			RELAY
milter-spamc-connect:192.168.1		HATER

This says to sendmail its ok to relay, but that milter-spamc should 
still filter. The other milter have similar tags. Normally the connect:, 
from:,or to: tags are enough and sufficient except in unusual cases 
where a virus gets into your local network an d you need to some how 
block it or some other a-hole from abusing your machines.

Anthony Howe
(music in Monaco is cool even when tired)

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