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Article: 199
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-10-20 17:33:14 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-sender cache structure

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Ricardo Kirkner wrote:

> I am trying to find about the structure of the cache file that is used 
> by milter-sender. I know it is a hash, and that the key to the hash 
> seems to be the triple relay_ip|mail_from|rcpt_to, but I cannot guess 

The key triple can actually vary depending on the MxAcceptsAllAction in 
milter-sender or the -k option for milter-gris.

> what the data for this key is...

It is typically a binary entry and defined by the CacheEntry structure 
in the source code. For milter-sender, there has been at least one 
contributed Perl script to dump the cache. See


The actually stucture is clearly defined in the milter-sender.c source 
file near the top. Look for CacheEntry (I think).

> Does anyone know about the internal structure of the cache.db file? (I 
> am trying to write a small program that will let me access to this data, 
> so I can query the db and find out which entries it contains)

Look in the milter-xxxx/contrib directory. Many of the contributed files 
are included with all of my milters (since I share alot of similar code 
between my milters). The milter-cachedump.pl though really relates to 
milter-sender (maybe milter-gris too). It was contributed by a regular 
bug-reporter, Chris M. Miller, and has been updated and should reflect 
current milter constants.

If it doesn't, please let myself or Chris know (though his address might 
not be generally available).

Anthony Howe
(tired in Monaco)

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