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Article: 197
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-10-20 16:50:13 -0400
Subject: Re: Debugging milter-bcc

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John Poltorak wrote:

> Actually no. The socket file is created OK by the startup script, it just 
> happens to be in a different place.

The start-up file and the sendmail.mc MUST agree on the location of this 
file otherwise all bets are off.

> I'm not sure if the online docs showing the required code for 
> milter-bcc.mc are a deliberate mistake - they don't actually correspond 
> with the sample .mc file which shows the correct location of the file.

There can be mistakes since I use a Linux framework for a lot of things, 
so FreeBSD have to "translate" for different conventions. I am sensitve 
to such matter and try and correct my scripts for platform differences. 
Volker Stolz knows (or should :-) I've merged alot of the FreeBSD 
"patches" into the base code such that I hopeone day that there are no 

>>>What do I need to do to correct that?

Make sure the pathname given to the milter-bcc startup script is the 
same as that of the INPUT_MAIL_FILTER() macro for milter-bcc.

>>Make sure the milter-bcc application is running when Sendmail wants to
>>access it.

Anthony Howe
(in Monaco)

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