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Article: 186
From: Volker Stolz
Date: 2004-10-19 09:28:04 -0400
Subject: Re: socket error on FreeBSD 4.10

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Am 18. Oct 2004 um 20:30 CEST schrieb Anthony Howe:
> Volker Stolz was working with the FreeBSD maintainer of the Sendmail 
> port to try and achieve this (builds with BDB 4.2.52). Not sure what the 
> result was.  Volker?

Works like a charm here, but I wasn't having any problems with FreeBSD
BDB 1.85, either ;) I have a patch for the sendmail-port here which will
correctly build sendmail with BDB 4, all strings attached ;)

I discussed this with Dirk (sendmail-port maintainer) who was a bit
sceptical since there is a known bug in later BDB versions as well
(some people suggested that it shouldn't affect sendmail).

However, I think this might be worth an additional knob for the port,
but I wasn't pushing Dirk to it since the ports-freeze was on anyway.
Maybe it's about time we do this now, though. The problem will be making sure the
user updates her sendmail-dbs correctly since sendmail degrades rather
ungracefully if you manage to keep a 1.85 bdb-file.

I still have the unclean patch sitting here, in case somebody is interested.

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