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Article: 142
From: <jcds@jcds.net>
Date: 2004-10-08 10:25:02 -0400
Subject: Re: Broken Pipe?

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On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 16:03:19 +0200, Anthony Howe <achowe@snert.com> wrote:

> This error appears because either the sendmail > milter (see
> INPUT_MAIL_FILTER settings discussed in the documentation) or milter >
> sendmail timeouts are too short (see the MilterSocketTimeout,
> MxCallBackMaxAttempts, and/or SocketTimeout might have some impact).

Thanks for your response. I am using the FreeBSD port of milter-sender
and also the default settings that come with the port, which are:

         `S=unix:/var/spool/milter-sender/socket, T=C:1m;S:30s;R:6m;E:1m'

Are these values Ok? Do you suggest some change?

> Also if you are running with an older version of milter-sender, it also
> be a sign that the process has died or locked up.

Sometimes the milter-sender process really dies. I solved this by using
daemontools and running it under control of 'supervise', so it restarts
milter-sender when it dies. Of course, I'd prefer it not to die anyway.

I am using milter-sender 0.61 because it's the latest version on the
FreeBSD ports collection. I intend to upgrade as soon as the port is
upgrades, because it simplifies very much all package management tasks.

Best Regards,

Jose Carlos da Silva
Network Administrator
ALLNET! Internet Service Provider
An InternetBrasil Group Company

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