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Article: 141
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-10-08 10:48:13 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-ahead and messages left in queue

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Michael Elliott wrote:
> Well, I think it can be controlled in the following line or milter-ahead's 
> equivalent:
> `milter-gris', `S=unix:/var/lib/milter-gris/socket, T=C:1m;S:30s;R:6m;E:1m'
> I am having the same trouble.  I tried changing R from 6m to 30m, and I
> am still getting the timeout.  So, someone else is going to have to figure
> out which parameter is the correct one to increase when the inbound message
> arrives in a slow stream.

While I don't think the Gib's problem is truely timeout related, I would 
  like to comment about when you play with timeouts you have to do it in 
pairs. All the milters have two sets of timeout values to play with 
(some three):

a) The sendmail side's timeouts controlled through INPUT_MAIL_FILTER 

b) The milter side timeout controlled with the -t option on all my 
milters except milter-sender in which case its the MilterSocketTimeout 

c) For milters that make connections to another service like: 
milter-ahead, milter-sender, milter-siq, and milter-spamc, there is a 
second timeout option -T (SocketTimeout for milter-sender) which 
controls the milter to service connection.

Now when setting the R: parameter for sendmail, it should take into 
account the work the milter has to do.

For milter-ahead, milter-siq, milter-spamc:

	R: approximately equals -T plus delta

Essentially R: > -T, since they only ever make one attempt to connect to 
the other service. The value of delta could be 5 to 30 seconds. Depends 
on how much of margin for error and delays you want to allow.

For milter-sender:

	R: approximately equals (MxCallBackMaxAttempts * SocketTimeout)
	plus large delta.

milter-sender perform DNS lookups for the MX and will make N attempts to 
connection to a defined MX, so the value of R: must take the DNS lookups 
into account, ~90s max, plus the number of attempts and the timeout.

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