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Article: 119
From: Anke Breeuwsma
Date: 2004-10-01 10:52:00 -0400
Subject: White & Blacklisting milter-spamc

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I use milter-spamc.0.25, and I want to do white & blacklisting in access.db 

I want to:
* whitelist all e-mail send from inside my domain going out
* blacklist (filter) it when the recipient is inside my domain

I've tried to put this in the access.db to get it working:
Connect:my.domain.nl		OK	
To:my.domain.nl		OK
Milter-Spamc-Connect:my.domain.nl	OK	
Milter-Spamc-To:my.domain.nl		REJECT

Debugging looks like this:

[mail.debug] checking "/etc/mail/access.db" for
[mail.debug] checking "/etc/mail/access.db" for
[mail.debug] access DB key="milter-spamc-to:my.domain.nl"

But it doesn't seem to work, those e-mails are still whitelisted.

So, does anybody know how to deal with this, or am I trying to do something impossible?

Anke Breeuwsma

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