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Article: 118
From: Sascha Vogt
Date: 2004-10-01 06:47:24 -0400
Subject: Re: How to cope with big big big but braindead ISPs

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 handle  such a braindead ISP.
> Since email*.aon.at publish RFC 3330 in public internet space, which is
> a stupid thing to do, but some universities and other supposedly clever
> institutions are too lazy to setup a private internal DNS.
> 	email12.aon.at.         1D IN A
> This is a private B class network, so make sure milter-sender.cf
> specifies:
> 	ClientRejectPrivateB=0
> 	HeloRejectPrivateB=0
> Also you want to disable
> 	ClientIsForged=0
> since the reverse PTR lookup and forward DNS will never work. This might
> also be required:
> 	ClientNeedsPTR=0

Of course you are right, but I wanted to loosen restrictions just for this 
one ISP and keep them in place for everybody else. Took me some hours to 
find out how to cheat milter-sender for this, so I wanted to share my 



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