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Article: 77
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-09-23 04:29:56 -0400
Subject: Re: Creation cache.db problem

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Oleg Golovanov wrote:
> When I wrote
> CacheType=bdb
> CacheFile=/var/spool/milter/sender/cache.db
> Milter-sender (0.62) did not started with error in log
> Sep 23 10:59:31 post milter-sender[51933]: process uid=25 gid=25
> Sep 23 10:59:46 post milter-sender[51933]: failed to create cache
> After that I wrote
> CacheType=hash
> and it starts but without creating cache.db file!
> Where the problem may be or where I must search the problem?
> (OS FreeBSD 4.9)

This change was mentioned in the LibSnert/1.40 change log:

    !	Cache.c: Disable Berkeley DB support when BDB 1.85 is the only
	version available. Default becomes "flatfile".

FreeBSD and friends insist on using a really really old Berkely DB 
1.85/1.86 library. After hunting and hunting for weeks for the source of 
a cache corruption bug that crashes the milter on FreeBSD, I came to the 
conlusion that BDB 1.85 was the source of the problem and gave up. The 
cache code, when linked with newer versions of BDB does not exhibit the bug.

The milter-sender/1.36 change log entry states:

    +	Added support for FreeBSD that stupidly still includes Berkeley
	DB 1.85 in libc and is used by system & sendmail databases and
	any other applications that need to talk with system databases.
	I'm providing this initial back port to DB 1.85 as a courtesy. I
	will provide little or no support in any fashion for milter-
	sender with DB 1.85, becasue there are newer and better versions
	of the Berkeley DB library, Sleepycat Software no longer
	supports DB 1.85, and it is known to cause failures in Sendmail.
	See http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/sendmail/intro.html

Volker Stolz is looking into trying to get the Sendmail port to link 
with current BDB 4.2.52 instead. When that happens, the configure 
scripts will be updated to detect this and link with the newer 
functioning BDB on FreeBSD systems.

I like and use FreeBSD, but frankly, FreeBSD and co. need to rethink 
their position on BDB 1.85. I'm rather feed-up with them on this issue.

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