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Article: 74
From: Oleg Golovanov
Date: 2004-09-23 00:00:32 -0400
Subject: [SIQ] 013 Creation cache.db problem

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When I wrote


Milter-sender (0.62) did not started with error in log

Sep 23 10:59:31 post milter-sender[51933]: process uid=25 gid=25
Sep 23 10:59:46 post milter-sender[51933]: failed to create cache

After that I wrote


and it starts but without creating cache.db file!

Where the problem may be or where I must search the problem?

(OS FreeBSD 4.9)

Oleg Golovanov
ICQ 26618427
Krastelecomservice Ltd.
Tel. +7 (3912) 661116, 661137

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