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Article: 66
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-09-22 15:45:57 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-ahead action for no response

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Eric Sauvageau wrote:
>>I use milter-ahead on a gateway MTA. My question is, does milter-ahead
>>only reject with "user unknown", if the next MTA is contactable and says
>>that it isn't accepting delivery for that user?
> I'll leave that one to someone else. :)

"User unknown" comes either directly from the next hop or as a cached 
reject response.

>>Or does milter-ahead reject with "user unknown" if the next MTA is down
>>temporarily unreachable?
> No, in such a case by default it should accept the mail.  Then your local
> MTA should queue it up up to the number of days specified in your
> configuration.

Only if the -b option is used.

>>I had a case today where it looked like a user who has existed for months,
>>got into the milter-ahead cache as unknown. I'm guessing that
>>coincidentally mail came into the gateway for him at a moment when the
>>connection to the next MTA timed out. After restarting milter-ahead, mail
>>for him was accepted again.
> I don't think milter-ahead caches negative answers, onoy positive answers.
>  The problem might have been a temporary issue at the other end at the
> specific moment that mail came in.

line 676: /* Cache the result of the call ahead (success or failure). */


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