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Article: 62
From: Ryan Moore
Date: 2004-09-20 16:21:15 -0400
Subject: Re: Question about milter-sender

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> I have been using milter-sender for a while now, but not until today I 
> noticed it was not working quite as I had expected.
> I am experiencing the following issue...
> I have a machine A which is the smtp server for domains d1, d2 and d3. 
> Each of those domains also have a smtp server that receives mails for 
> them. (A is the MX for d1, d2 and d3).
> I am doing CallAhead for the recipient addresses, but I noticed that 
> there are many mails incoming from nonexistant addresses at my domains 
> (i.e. MAIL FROM: <donotexist@d1>)
> I was wondering why milter-sender wouldn't call ahead on those addresses 
> too. (i always thought it would do)
> Can anyone please tell me if this the expected behaviour, or if I may 
> have some configuration issues?

To my knowledge, milter-sender will only call-ahead on the RCPT TO 
parameter, and call-back on the MAIL FROM parameter, and it won't 
perform the callback if the MAIL FROM is a domain that points to MTA. It 
would be interesting if it could detect that the MAIL FROM points to the 
MTA itself and do a call-ahead on that and go from there.

Ryan Moore
Perigee.net Corporation
704-849-8355 (sales)
704-849-8017 (tech)

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