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Article: 51
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-09-16 05:11:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Business model?

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morpheus wrote:
> Actually, I don't use Anthony's milters.  However, I have used Anthony for 
> his knowledge in programming my own.  Maybe I need some clarification.  I 
> wasn't referring to any specific licensing scheme (GNU) or developement 
> model, but the code is available for free to the public, which is what I 
> would call open-source.
> But, you're right, there is some wiggle room.  In general I'm 
> uncomfortable with the idea of intellectual property.  I do realize this 
> is somewhat unrealistic, which is why in some way I support his cause.

No one denies the right of an author of a book (electronic or paper) to
publish and sell their ideas, philosophy, or story. That is intellectual
property - time was invested into the creation of something new. And
they typically have no maintence or support issues beyond printing to
deal with.

JK Rowling, a current popular author, is allowed to publish and make
money for her work, yet the author of software title is not - everyone
jumps up and down crying foul now, because its not free even though the
source is provided. An independent software author invests their time in
the creation of their work, their money into equipement, connectivity,
power, hosting, etc. and they are now shuned if they want some form of
compensation so that they can continue practice their trade and
profession and continue to produce useful work.

Everyone wants and likes something for nothing, even I, but everything
for nothing in today's world is unrealistic.

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