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Article: 42
From: Chris M. Miller
Date: 2004-09-15 14:12:16 -0400
Subject: Two bugs with --enable-key-fold

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Hey, folks.

  I'm finally getting around to testing 0.62 and have a couple of bugs to
clear up..

  1) The config.h.in needs a "#undef CASE_INSENSITIVE_GREY_LIST_KEY" in
     order for the resulting config.h file to have a value for that
     variable in the event of an --enable-key-fold.

  2) Somehow, timestamp and counter updates are not happening for cache
     entries in the GREYCONT state. Entries in the GREYTEMP state are
     updating and counting properly.

  The second one does not appear to cause any outright failures, but it
will obviously result in cache entries eventually expiring when they
should not.


Chris Miller
Princeton CS Dept.

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