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Article: 40
From: Derek Balling
Date: 2004-09-15 12:57:27 -0400
Subject: Re: Business model?

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> Actually, I don't use Anthony's milters.  However, I have used Anthony 
> for
> his knowledge in programming my own.  Maybe I need some clarification. 
>  I
> wasn't referring to any specific licensing scheme (GNU) or developement
> model, but the code is available for free to the public, which is what 
> I
> would call open-source.
OK, you can call it that, but that's not open source. :-)

With open source software, you have the right to redistribute modified 
forms of the code, etc., etc., none of which are rights Anthony grants 
to people who download his source code.

There's nothing inherently wrong with Anthony's "rules" as it were, but 
simply that you cannot allow it to be confused as "open source". Using 
that phrase, which has a specific legally defined meaning since it's a 
trademark, will only confuse matters.


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