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Article: 110
From: Oleg Golovanov
Date: 2004-09-28 23:40:25 -0400
Subject: [SIQ] 027 Re: Why SKIPPING CALLBACK?

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I think that the cause of passing e-mail without the existing sender ("sender
is in the skipped callback. And the sendmail's log tells the same thing also.
Where is the error?

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Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2004 11:24 PM
Subject: [milters] Re: Why SKIPPING CALLBACK?

> Oleg Golovanov wrote:
> > I got e-mail from sender which e-mail on primary MX server is UNKNOWN.
> > I think that milter-sender skip callback in that case simply.
> > Why milter-sender 0.62 skip callback in that case?
> Looks like it is skipping the call-ahead, not the call-back, they are
> totally different animals.
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