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Article: 11
From: Steve Ladendorf
Date: 2004-09-14 17:07:19 -0400
Subject: [SIQ] 020 Re: Re: Re: hello world

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milters@snert.com writes:
>Hello, Anthony.
>  I think it is illegal to add everyone to mailing list without their
>explicit permission. I suggest you remove everyone, unless you want
>some legal problems.

I'm not sure what everyone's problem is - just click the link and let the
MLM automatically unsubscribe you.  I happen to be emailing from the U.S.A
and we don't have any laws against opt-in mail lists - it's actually
pretty big business.  I think being added to a list that is run by someone
that is honest about why it was created and honest about his
unsubscription policy is a refreshing change.  Sorry to hear about the
license change - milter-sender is the front line defense for our school
and I love it!!

Steve Ladendorf                                                           
    Network Manager
sladendorf at blakeschool.org                                        The
Blake School
"The only secure computer is one that's unplugged, locked in a safe,
and buried 20 feet under the ground in a secret location... and I'm
not even too sure about that one"
Dennis Huges, FBI.

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