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Article: 3
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2010-02-12 16:52:00 -0500
Subject: wimp 0.1.16 now available

I've updated Private Wimp distribution with a web user interface for
viewing mailing list archives. Here is an example:


The interface was written using the Smarty template engine

A copy of Smarty is provided with the wimp distro. I've not yet written
any documentation about installing Smarty or the WUI, though it is
pretty simple.

1. Unpacked Smarty into /var/www (I use OpenBSD so your locations might

2. Modified php.ini include_path parameter; for example like:

include_path = ".:/pear/lib:/var/www/pear/lib:/var/www/Smarty-2.6.26/libs"

3. Copy wimp/archive into your web server document tree someplace.
	cd com/snert/src/wimp
	cp -rp archive /var/www/htdocs/wimp

4. Then assert that Smarty has read-write access to template_c:

	cd /var/www/htdocs/wimp
	chmod g+rw templates_c
	chgrp www templates_c

5. Make sure that the /var/wimp tree is readable and searchable by the
web server. Prior to 0.1.16 the install script and wimp binary would not
set "other" (world) permissions. So you might need to:

	chmod -R o+rX /var/wimp

That should be it.

Not sure how I can automate this in an install script; probably just
have to add these instructions to the documentation.

Note that since the WUI uses a template engine, it is possible to
customise the style.css and .tpl files in the templates directory with
your own look. Private Wimp's default is pretty vanilla.

Also the WUI currently does not handle MIME messages yet, ie. text/plain
vs text/html parts; it just assumes text/plain for now. So your mailing
list might want to set +reject-html and +reject-attachments in their
config files.

Anthony C Howe            Skype: SirWumpus                  SnertSoft
+33 6 11 89 73 78       Twitter: SirWumpus      BarricadeMX & Milters
http://snert.com/      http://nanozen.info/     http://snertsoft.com/

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