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Article: 3735
From: S y s C o / hosting
Date: 2013-09-12 10:03:02 -0400
Subject: milter-spiff takes no action


My milter-spiff.cf file contains


But no mail is taggued. I have the header lines, such as

Received-Spf: SoftFail; receiver=; client-ip=x.y.185.252;
Received-Spf: None (UNDEFINED); receiver=; client-ip=x.y.185.252; helo=plop.hotmail.com

(I used pseudo-hotmail info in order to test, since I know hotmail .com SPF record ends
with ~all)

But subject remains the original one with no [ZLAS] tag :
Subject: test SPF

I tried to remove the subject-tag line in .cf file (in order to get the default [SPAM]
tag), but still no tag.
I tried to put those options in command line options, but still no tag.
I also tried to remove the ",fail-tag", no more success
Or put mail-policy=softfail-reject, but mail is not rejected
I know the .cf file is parsed since putting -received-spf-headers effectively disable
headers to be added

I should be missing something, but do not see what. Any idea?

Note that sendmail's config contains other milters:

Best regards

# T +41 32 730 11 10 F +41 32 730 11 09

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