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Article: 2874
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2012-05-14 12:41:33 -0400
Subject: Re: Can not limit connection with milter-limit

On 14 May 2012 16:22, Marcello Anderlini whispered from the shadows...:
> Sadly, I made this question almost 2 month ago but I'm still waiting an answer :-(

Over the weekend Panagiotis and I had a long chat by Skype about this
issue and I've prepared an initial update that he's testing.

There are two parts:

1. Already being tested by Panagiotis:

	Added special case exception for milter-limit-rcpt-* tags: if
	the per message recipient limit is exceeded, quarantine policy
	is set, and -absolute-rcpt-limit set, then accept the message
	and quarantine it. This changes the -absolute-rcpt-limit usage
	case slightly. Requested by Panagiotis Christias.

   	The original intent of milter-limit-rcpt-* tags was to force
	sending MTAs to do envelope splitting when only some recipients
	are accepted, because spamware typically does not do envelope
	splitting. But times have changed with more user accounts having
	been phished such that milter-limit is being applied to outbound
	filter problems as well.

2. The other is a request by Panagiotis. Whether I get that done before
or after moving house is another matter:

   	Limit number of rcpts over a time period per sender. Proposed new
	grammar for "limit" value:

   		limit-list := limit ["," limit-list]
   		limit := number [ "/" unit ][ type ]
   		unit := "w" | "d" | "h" | "m"
   		type := "M" | "R"

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