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Article: 2763
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2011-10-07 03:57:57 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-limit on multi intances

On 30/09/2011 10:37, Lorenzo Bagni whispered from the shadows...:
> is possible use the milter-limit on postfix multi instances?

Sorry for the delay in this answer.

> For example I have 2 postfix instances with different IP address on same box and I'd
like use milter-limit with different config for each instance (instance A 5 msg/sec,
instanced B 10 msg/sec).
> Same problem for 2 postfix or sendamail on different box that connect on milter-limit
through an IPV4 socket.

It is possible to run multiple instances of a milter with different
configurations. You would have to change a group of options in order to
separate the two instances:

	file			(on command line)
	interface-name		(interface-ip should be enough
				in which case leave empty)
	+smdb-key-has-nul	(should always be on for Postfix/postmap,
				 off for sendmail/makemap)

NOTE that the complete options file can be generated by:

	milter-link -help >milter-link.cf.new

If you want each postfix instance to use a different milter instance
then postfix A should refer to milter-socket of milter A, likewise for
postfix B refer to milter-socket B of milter B.

While not part of your request, you could also have one postfix instance
refer to both milter instances A and B, but at different points of order
in the list of milters supplied to postfix.

Remember that this all applies to sendmail equally.

You'll need to modify you start up scripts to start each milter with a
different file= option specified on the command line to override default
the .cf path:

	milter-limit file=/etc/mail/milter-limit-1.cf
	milter-limit file=/etc/mail/milter-limit-2.cf

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