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Article: 1609
From: Alex Broens
Date: 2011-03-18 04:39:45 -0400
Subject: milter-link and DBL's redirectors listings

As you may have read at

Spamhaus has added a subset of data to DBL which should be treated by


As per Anthony, it seems milter-link doesn't (yet) support these return 
codes so depending on your traffic/user base you get bitten by 
rejects/tags of quite a number of domains you may not want to treat as 
totally bad:


For those with a Spamhaus data feed you may want to check what is under 
the .1.3 data and possibly add a WLing to your access setup or weed that 
data out before publishing to rbldnsd

As a temporary fix I'm using
sed -n '/127\.0\.1\.3/q;p' > /tmp/dbl.out
to remove that URL shortener data...


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