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Article: 1021
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2010-08-24 10:52:03 -0400
Subject: milter-spamc 2.0 testing

I am in the process of preparing a 2.0 release of milter-spamc. The
major new features are:

   *	smtp-dsn-enable (selective recipient delivery) see change
	log below for documentation.

   *	milter-spamc-profile: access tag for SA virtual user
	configurations by user or domain.

   *	New "combo" tag support for refined access.db control. See
	documentation for connect:from, connect:to, and from:to

   *	Restoration of access.db B/W support common to most SnertSoft

I'm currently testing and documenting these additions. I'm interested in
feedback based on this information. The access-db section will be the
same as for milter-link (with names changed to protect the innocent).

As noted below there will be some behaviour changes with respect to
scores that should simplify configuration.

Anthony Howe


   +	Added new options:


	When +smtp-dsn-enable, a message with multiple recipients, has
	some white listed recipients, and is identified as reject-able
	spam, then the non-white listed recipients are removed from the
	delivery list and a DSN message sent to the sender concerning
	those recipients.

	Otherwise when -smtp-dsn-enable (default), the historical
	behaviour is applied, where at least one white listed recipient
	means the message is delivered to all recipients of the message
	regardless of score.

   +	Added SMTP command "STAT milter-spamc" to dump runtime

   +	Added new access tag:


	Used to specify a SpamAssassin virtual configuration to use. If
	the message is addressed to a single recipient, then a milter-
	spamc-profile:mail lookup is done. If the message is for more
	than one recipient, all of whom are within the same domain, then
	a milter-spamc-profile:domain lookup is done. Otherwise the
	global spamd-user option is used, if defined. The right hand
	side action must be a user name or address to pass to spamd. It
	can be a pattern list. If the special user name OK is used, then
	the message is not processed by spamd.

   +	Added and updated documentation concerning "combo" tag support
	added in libsnert.

   -	Removed options extra-low-spam, mail-low-spam.

   !	Renamed several options for consistency with similar BarricadeMX

   		extra-discard		->	spamd-score-discard
   		extra-reject		->	spamd-score-reject
   		level-character		->	spamd-level-character
   		subject-tag		->	spamd-subject-tag
   		subject-tag-score	->	spamd-subject-score
   		no-user-config		->	spamd-no-user-config

	Note that spamd-score-reject and spamd-score-discard are no
	longer relative the SpamAssassin threshold. Typically threshold
	< spamd-score-reject < spamd-score-discard, but not enforced;
	that is spamd-score-* could be less than threshold. Messages
	that have a score between threshold and spamd-score-reject are
	subject tagged.

   !	Default for spamd-max-size changed to 0 (unlimited).

Anthony C Howe            Skype: SirWumpus                  SnertSoft
+33 6 11 89 73 78       Twitter: SirWumpus      BarricadeMX & Milters
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