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Article: 434
From: Skull
Date: 2010-04-10 11:10:06 -0400
Subject: Re: Strange behaviour of milter-clamc and access.db

On 4/10/10 10:02 AM, Anthony Howe wrote:

> How is the access.db updated? Do you do it by hand, makefile,
> telekinesis? What are the steps you actually do? See if you are
> suffering from this...
> http://www.snertsoft.info/lists/article.php?l=milters&d=2005-09&f=722
> http://www.snertsoft.info/lists/article.php?l=milters&d=2006-09&f=1128

It may be:

my access.db is generated merging a bunch of different files coming from
different sources (manual whitelistings, extraction from DB, and a
couple of other things).

When one of the source files changes, a brand new access file is
generated, moved into the correct location and then "postmapped".
So sure: its inode changes.

What's weird is that the same machine also run milter-link, whose access
file is built up the same way (even if it's a different file with
different sources), but I never saw this behaviour with it...
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