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Article: 430
From: Skull
Date: 2010-04-10 03:18:18 -0400
Subject: Strange behaviour of milter-clamc and access.db

milter-clamc runs smoothly, until the access.db changes.
When this happens and it reopens the access file, it runs smoothly again
but stops honoring whitelistings, like the access.db was empty.

If I restart the milter, it starts working correctly again.

Latest version of milter-clamc, compiled w/ libsnert 1.73.18 and running
w/ postfix on a debian lenny 32 bit.

access.db as generated by postfix on the same platform (so config has

May this be the problem (+smdb-key-has-nul not honored by "online
reopen" on the .db)?


Professional System & Network Sarcazzer

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