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Article: 309
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2010-02-22 07:31:43 -0500
Subject: The unmentioned LibSnert tools...

LibSnert has several command line interface (CLI) tools that are used to
test the APIs, but are also useful for scripting solutions. These tools
have no documentation other than their usage descriptions.

Typically just type the tool name shows the options, but some that read
from standard input won't display the usage unless an invalid option is
given, like "-?".

So here is a quick run down of some of the more interesting tools in
LibSnert that people can play with:

uri		CLI version of milter-link.

convertDate	Converts textual date string into seconds; the reverse
		of date(1) and strftime(3)
b64		Meh; yet another Base64 encoder/decoder.

pdq		Parallel Domain Query; does DNS lookups similar to
		dig(1), but in a parallel manner, especially with DNS
		based black/white lists.

spf		SPF Classic, essentially CLI version of milter-spff

smtp2		An SMTP mail engine.

mime		A MIME part extractor.

mcc		Multicast/unicast cache server and control.

kvmap		Key-Value map tool similar to makemap(1) or postmap(1).
		Supports a variety of formats. There are also
		kvmc (client) and kvmd (daemon) tools.

clamstream	Meh; yet another tool to stream a message to clamd

mimepart	Predecessor to the mime tool.

sqlargs		An xargs(1) like tool that queries a data source for
		arguments to be used in a command substitution. Each
		row from the data source will invoke one instance of
		the command (default is to echo the row to standard
		output), with a limit as to how many instances of the
		command may be running at a time. Currently works
		with .csv or .sq3 files.

show		Similar to head(1) and tail(1). Can highlight and/or
		beep when a constant pattern is seen. Was intended
		for watching heavy volume logs and/or catch when a
		rare pattern might appear.

uue		Meh; another UUE encoder/decoder.

popin		POP3 interface mail retrieval tool. I used this with
		smptout (now smtp2) to test a mail circuit with Nagios.

flip		Meh; another newline flipper for DOS, old Mac, and Unix.

ansi		A pumped up echo(1) that does only ANSI (vt100)
		terminal escape. For example:

		ansi bold say something clever normal bell lf
Luhn		Validates and generates Luhn checksums for numbers
		and/or text. Think credit-card check digit. This was
		the predecessor to a Luhn.php class I needed a few
		years ago for an online store.

siq		CLI version of milter-siq.

TextFind	My own version of glob(3)

There are other tools lying about the LibSnert source tree, but those
mentioned here are just some of the more interesting ones that people
might find useful or just curious about. While some tools are clones of
classic unix tools, the majority can all be built as Windows native
binaries for use in Windows batch files and cmd.exe; ie. no cygwin.dll

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