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Article: 158
From: Michael Mansour
Date: 2009-11-09 23:29:17 -0500
Subject: milters on SL5.3 failed to open access.db


I use some milters from snertsoft on Scientific Linux 4.x servers (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 series derivative), like CentOS 4.x OS.

I recently installed SL5.3 (RHEL 5 derivative) and went through the compilation of the libsnert libraries (1.66) and then the milter installs, and although everything seems to compile and install fine, when I run any of the milters I get errors like:

milter-7bit[13212]: failed to open "/etc/mail/access.db"

I have gone through the list archives which talk about setting smmsp permissions and have checked groups, but even in doing so the same error still results.

The sendmail version is:


where I just need to run a "make" in the /etc/mail directory to create the db's. The sendmail.mc has:

FEATURE(`access_db',`hash -T<TMPF> -o /etc/mail/access.db')dnl

which allows for the hash generation.

I have other (non snertsoft) milters running just fine on the same servers, only the ones from snertsoft seem to have the problem above on SL5.3.

I have also tried the latest libsnert-1.72.12.tar.gz with milter-7bit-0.16.tar.gz as a test, and still get the same access.db problem.

One thing I am concerned about is when I run the "make build" on the milter, I get this output:

# make build
        -I/usr/local/org/sqlite/include -D_REENTRANT -O2 -Wall -I./../../include  -L/usr/local/org/sqlite/lib -L./../../lib  -o milter-7bit milter-7bit.c -lsnert -lpthread -ldl  -lmilter  /usr/local/org/sqlite/lib/libsqlite3.a -lrt -lpthread signedness
parser.c:196: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 2 ***
Build 146 DONE

Where if I was to run the make build on an SL4 server none of the warning would show up.

Can anyone provide any advice on how else to troubleshoot?

Note as explained above, the "Notes" section in the milter web pages describing permissions has been followed in an effort to get it to work, but hasn't been successful.



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