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Article: 47
From: Todd Lyons
Date: 2009-08-14 16:19:46 -0400
Subject: milter-date not adding headers

Hi all.  I looked through all of the archives and did not see this question.

I built and installed milter-date-0.24.  I want milter-date to put the
verbose headers in all emails it processes.  According to the website
and manual.shmtl, milter-date will always add headers, however, I
found an email from a couple years ago by ahowe (and verified in the
code) that it's completely disabled to not add headers (requires
#define and recompile).  Here's what I did.

1. I built latest libsnert.
2. I added "#define DROPPED_ADD_HEADERS 1" to the end of milter-date's
config.h after it was generated by './configure' (website doesn't
mention the ./configure in milter-date directory, but no config.h
exists if you don't run it).
3. I built the milter-date binary with 'make buiild'.
4. Running 'strings milter-date | grep X-' shows the 3 headers in the binary.
5. I added "+add-headers" to the /etc/mail/milter-date.cf.
6. I restarted the daemon.  To be sure it's not a stale process, I
stopped, then started the daemon as well (multiple times).

It still does not add those headers.  Is there anything obvious that I
am doing wrong?

I know it is working because I see for every inbound email:
Aug 14 13:14:41 smtp4 milter-date[18728]: 20939 n7EKEQoU014427: pass=YES

and the occassional:
Aug 14 13:14:17 smtp4 sendmail[13923]: n7EKE15v013923: Milter: data,
reject=550 5.7.1 missing Date: header as required by RFC 2822 section

Regards...      Todd

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