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Article: 44
From: Javier Galvez
Date: 2009-07-22 18:00:19 -0400
Subject: Re: RE: Re: RE: SnertSoft trouble ticket system.

For my experience, I noticed that placing a question on the web interface
suport system, did not bring any reply from anybody, neither from
SnertSoft, nor from anyone.

I had purchased and paid for the Milter-Sender soft, the author kindly
configured on my server due to the fact that I was using a 64bit
processor, but other than that unfortunately the soft itself was being too
mean with valid e-mails so I had to leave it on "demo mode"

Maybe if the "support" is more groupalware, meaning all could help with
their experience, and obviously puting a lot of emphasis on paying
customers, then that kind of alltogether support would help all the
SnerSoft community

My 2 cents

Javier from La Paz, Bolivia South America

milters@milter.info writes:
>> Well already many people use the list for bug reports, which is fine
>> and
>> actually better for me as I have a tendency to respond to list more
>> often. I've found my responsiveness to the ticket system dropping off,
>> simply because the bug / problem reports are not centralised. Some come
>> direct by email, some by the support list, and some by the ticket
>> system.
>> And the ticket system has many weaknesses such as allowing other users
>> to search past bug reports (I think). So duplication occurs. At least
>> the mailing least has a more public history (yes I need to update it
>> WRT
>> the change in MLM software). My responsiveness to questions and reports
>> has dropped simply because of the 3 methods. I live in email more than
>> web based services. Call me old fashioned.
>I noticed people use the list for bug reports and it is actually somewhat 
>useful for me to know "oh, maybe I should hold off on going to the latest 
>milter-gris" (as an example). On a small scale, I think the mailing list
>fine for bug reports and given you are only one person, it would likely
>things well (for you and us as users of your software). I don't know if
>any of 
>this changes for the "for fee" milters. As you stated, you likely would
>more responsive and as long as support is responsive (if the fee is
>support), the means of support is less important.
>Benji Spencer
>System Administrator
>Moody Bible Institute
>Phone: 312-329-2288
>Fax: 312-329-8961

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