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Article: 15
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-07-13 03:00:02 -0400
Subject: Re: white listing mail to a mailing list

Michael Grant uttered...:
> How might I white list mail coming to me from a mailing list since the
> mailing list doesn't show up in the envelope as far as I know?

Depends on the MLM design and/or configuration. Some MLM setup a special
  bounce address for the MAIL FROM: For example

MAIL FROM:<bounce-achowe-snert.com@milter.info>

In that case you could simply white list the list's sender domain:

From:milter.info	OK

Some will use BATV, SRS, VERP to munge the local part of the address,
but you can still  white list as above. Some will use the original
poster's address, in which case you need to do something else.

Alternatively you white list the mailing list server, since a mailing
list is likely to be sent from the same host all the time.

# By PTR of the mailing list server name.
Connect:some.host.example.com 	OK

# Or the PTR domain
Connect:example.com	OK

# Or IP of the mailing list server.
Connect:	OK

Currently my milters and sendmail have no support for "combo" tags that
exists in BarricadeMX. In BarricadeMX I could say something like:

Connect:	OK


From:milter.info:To:mgrant@grant.org		OK

Which would be a tighter more specific white list entry.

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