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Article: 1875
From: Ferdinand Goldmann
Date: 2008-06-17 04:45:39 -0400
Subject: milter-ahead & multiple hosts/fallback hosts in mailertable

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I am currently using an older version of milter-ahead (dating from the days 
when it was open source) and I am in the process of upgrading this version to 
a current release.

In the recent past, the demand from some users arose to have a sort of 
"Fallback" destination host for certain domains in mailertable. Appearently, 
sendmail does support this kind of feature [1] like this:

domain.com           ESMTP:[primary.host]:[secondary.host]

In case primary.host is down, sendmail should route the mail to 
secondary.host. Accordingly, milter-ahead should contact secondary.host when 
primary host is unavailable.

As it turns out, milter-ahead does not seem to support this kind of syntax, at 
least not according to the README on the SnertSoft website.

Is there any way to achieve this kind of behaviour with milter-ahead, or would 
one have to alter the source code to do so?

Kind regards,
Ferdinand Goldmann


 >> Ferdinand Goldmann
 >> Johannes Kepler University Linz - Server Systems/Information Management
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