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Article: 1870
From: Sam Nilsson
Date: 2008-05-20 01:53:40 -0400
Subject: milter-null address incomplete error with postfix

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I am testing milter-null with postfix and it seems to work for the most
part, but I have run into one specific situation where messages are
rejected due to an incomplete sender address. Here is the relevant part
of my maillog:

May 19 17:15:37 dev postfix/pickup[81800]: 80A7250821: uid=0 from=<root>
May 19 17:15:37 dev milter-null[81743]: 00001 NOQUEUE: host localhost
[] OK
May 19 17:15:37 dev postfix/cleanup[81835]: 80A7250821: milter-reject:
MAIL from localhost[]: 5.1.7 ad
dress incomplete; from=<root@ns2.tablethotels.com>

When submitting mail locally from the command line using the "mail"
binary or postfix's sendmail binary, the defaul sender address is simply
the username. Postfix rewrites that username by adding the appropriate
domain name, but it apparently does this after running the message
through milter-null.

The result is that I can't use milter-null with messages submitted via
the command line unless those messages explicitly use postfix's sendmail
binary and specify a complete sender address including the domain name.

Is there any way to fix or change this behavior in milter-null? What
would be the best approach to getting this working? Am I analyzing the
problem correctly?

Maybe their could be a setting to turn off incomplete address checking
in milter-null?

- Sam

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