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Article: 1848
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2008-03-31 05:53:44 -0400
Subject: Re: Centralizing milters

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Richard McLean uttered...:
> Up until now we've been running single server type situations with the  
> snert milters, self-contained with each server running their own  
> copies of the milters. Now we're looking to centralize, particularly  
> with ClamAV and Spamassassin.

Why? If it works, why muck with it?

> I know the hows and the whys, just wondering if there are any gotchas  
> to look out for, good values for limits/timeouts, or any tips for the  
> clamd/spamd config.

I've not tried this myself, but I'd be wary of centralising 
SpamAssassin, even with all the latest performance improvements, SA can 
consume a lot of resources and if you centralise it, you'll only 
increase the resource demand from one machine to many machines.

Can't say comment much on clamd resource usage, but it has a huge 
signature scanner too. I would expect that centralising clamd will also 
increase resources on the machine running clamd. Also clamd will 
probably need lots of tmp. disk space to save it's copy of the message 
to scan and extract attachments.

Also consider the increased network traffic involved to send a copy of 
the message between machines. When it's on the same host you can use 
unix domain sockets in place of network sockets, which I would expect to 
be slightly more efficient.

> And to add another question to this, how do you currently separate the  
> services? For example, do you have:
> a) the milters running on each server, and central clamd/spamd.
> or
> b) Centralized everything (milters, clamd, and spamd), and using
>     IP:port for the socket in the sendmail.mc on the individual
>     servers?

If you centralise the milters, you may need to enlarge their socket 
queues I suspect (milter-queue option).

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