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Article: 1827
From: Skull
Date: 2008-01-24 12:39:59 -0500
Subject: Milter-link: feature request for the future

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as you already know, I've been using your milter-link w/ postfix during=20
the last month.

It works greatly, especially regarding performances.

I'd like to suggest, anyway, a couple of simple (I hope, at least...)=20
features that might improve it under some aspects.

- It might be useful to allow administrator to make use of an external=20
map/configuration file containing per-DNSBL reply text.
This allows for more informative replies, but this is not the main=20
reason: it'll allow entities that run their own DNSBL mirrors (like me,=20
but like most of the high-traffic sites, I guess) to refer to the public=20
DNSBL name instead of the private one, without the need to do strange=20
things with the resolver. But see also point n=B03...

- The chance to define different policies for different DNSBLs: this may=20
allow testing the impact of introducing a new DNSBL without the need to=20
run two -or more- different milters (one for policy=3Dreject and one for=20

- For dns-bl in particular, it might be extremely useful to reply with=20
(or log) the TXT record of the DNSBL entry that triggered the rejection,=20
since it could make easier to correlate the block with its reasons: if=20
SBL12345 is causing too many false positives I might locate its=20
interventions simply looking at logs, while I now need to extract every=20
single URL blocked by SBL from the log, resolve it to its IP, check for=20
it and extract the blocking reason from the associated TXT to obtain the=20
SBL code.
Allowing to directly reply with an error message containing the TXT=20
record instead of the boilerplate string will solve this, but may also=20
solve the issue at point n=B01, since all "the logic" of the reply string=
will then be located in the zone file instead of the milter itself.

Thank you for your attention, and for the great job you do.

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