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Article: 1812
From: Andy Druda
Date: 2007-12-13 16:58:45 -0500
Subject: whitelist recipient email address Milter-sender

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I thought this worked but I am either doing it wrong or misunderstanding 
what is supposed to happen.

I want to have milter-sender not do a call back (or anything) for 
specific recipients on my local domain.  The mail-spool is not the same 
server as the milters run on.  The milters run on smtp.mydomain.com.  I 
want dopey@mydomain.com to get emails that would fail a callback normally.

milter-sender-To:dopey@        OK

does not do it nor does

milter-sender-To:dopey@mydomain.com        OK

I add the entry to the access file and compile it and restart the milter.

I thought this was a simple thing.

Should this work?  What am I doing wrong?


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